Pump Repair FAQ's NYC

Pump Repair FAQ's in NYC


Pump Support Line

  1. What is an open centrifugal pump?
    • Centrifugal water pumps move water by using pressure from the inlet to outlet. The rotating set of vanes spins the pump shaft and flows the water through the pump.
  2. Why Is my water pressure lower during use?
    • The first place to check is the shaft RPM indicator within the specifications of the pump. Many other instances may occur from blocked or obstructed intake sources to damaged or worn pump impellers.
  3. What is an airlock?
    • Airlocks occur when air pockets flow into the water pump. Air pockets will cause pump damage as well as performance.
  4. How often should the pump bearings be lubricated?
    • Water pump bearings need lubrication every 250 hours of service.
  5. Do you offer water pump maintenance?
    • Yes, we offer a variety of pump maintenance and pump repair service from water booster pumps to air compressor pump.
  6. My water pump is making a sudden noise, what could be the problem?
    • Most water pumps run quietly during operation. Make sure the noise you hear is coming from the water pump. If the water pump is making a grinding, growling or sputtering noise, turnoff the unit and call us immediately.
Pump Repair FAQ's NYC